Jul 29, 2012

Add buttons to org pages This was suggested in a comment on #27 as the lowest hanging fruit for supporting tips to organizations as the sum of tips to people within that organization.


Jul 27, 2012

Bring back Stripe support in payday (#208) We don't have cards migrated from Stripe to Balanced and we need to run payday. Here's code to use stripe_customer_id and charge the user via Stripe if they don't have a balanced_account_uri.


Fix regression where user is mis-prompted for card


Jul 26, 2012

Update paydays.json endpoint (#200) The id field is meaningless outside the db, and the ntips field duplicates ntransfers (going with the latter).


Switch from bruceadams to whit537 for Travis; #178


Merge branch 'master' of


Merge pull request #178 from booo/master add travis badge


Merge branch 'master' of


Merge pull request #194 from captn3m0/patch-1 Fixed the iframe scrollbar getting displayed


Jul 25, 2012

Revert to previous tip structure, with $1 minimum (#180)


Add new tip amounts (#180) This adds six new tip amounts, so there are now 12 buttons total. Is that too many?


write unit tests for bank account association and management (#22)


initial pass at storing bank account info and identifying merchants


Jul 24, 2012

Jul 23, 2012

At least make embed e.g. match doc (#175) I had the width wrong on the example iframe on profile pages so it looked UGLY!


Tweak client-side validation messages (#176) I entered a bad card (typo) and got a message that said "missing."


Clean up error handling for cc form (#176) Now if the post to balanced fails, we log the failure in our db under last_bill_result. This gives us some hope of tracking down and fixing the failure.


Clean up cc form population (#176) We've still got a bug in Balanced to deal with, where the 'region' field isn't populated properly when we load a card. Also need an answer about the extra $0.05 fee.


Jul 21, 2012

Merge branch 'master' of


Merge pull request #162 from mwhite/master Clarification on about page about how much you can gittip per week


Derp, here's the meat of that last commit (#172) This also drops back to not listing the card type of the card on file, and showing ************1234 as before (doing so actually flushed out a bug in gittip.billing.BalancedAccount). The reason for this is that if we're going to show the card type I want to capitalize it properly and use the proper article (a or an), and that's deeper than I want to go at this point.


Make Stripe and Balanced coexist for now (#172) This will load data from Stripe and save it to Balanced. This accounts for participants with a card already on file who happen to visit the credit-card.html page and possibly even submit it while our data is in transit.


Jul 20, 2012

Factored a Payday class out of (#78) The payday functionality was getting unweildy as a bunch of functions, so I made it a class and put it in its own submodule. Test suite is passing, tipping works TTW, and payday script is working.


Improve db creation in dev (#99) The script now takes dbname and owner name as args. It sets UTC as the default timezone for the db. Docs updated to suit.


Bundle balanced's dependencies (#78) Gittip should be buildable without a network connection.


Prune ihasamoney ref in I borrowed code from an old project, and tried to remove references to it, but forgot one. Also removes a stdlib logging call.


Jul 19, 2012

Flatten test suite (#44) I moved fixture into gittip.testing. I would prefer that we think of the tests/ directory as containing scripts for `nosetests`, not importable modules. I also flattened the integration/ and unit/ directories into a single file. I find the integration/unit distinction to be over-complicated, especially at our stage of development.


Add Network for Good to README From @timothyfcook via email: "NfG is the most frequently used online fundraising platform owned by Cisco and Aol; it's bad and they ask for a lot of $$$"


Merge branch 'master' of Conflicts: gittip/


Jul 18, 2012

Bring back necessary balance config w/ comment #78


Prune unnecessary balanced config (#78) We were configuring the balanced library at startup *and* on each request. Don't think we need each request.