Jul 31, 2012

IE8 and below styling issues. getSlug to help with pushState


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dt-80-update-ad-calls'


Build out ad tags The ad tag URLs are now generated by a template tag. They also contain way more information than they originally did and support a `noscript` version as well.


Merge branch 'working_player' of into working_player


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/working_player' into working_player


- fix bad checkin where tag-line was being retured for callsign


Merge branch 'working_player' of into working_player


Add missing if When generating the index page, the `stationId` variable is set when a user has requested a specific station. It shouldn't write out a value when a station isn't requested. This if should have been included in 116234d but I forgot it.


Merge branch 'master' of


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/working_player' into working_player Conflicts: dulcinea/static/js/com/cbs/platform/station/station.js dulcinea/static/js/player/playercontrols.js dulcinea/static/js/player/uicontroller.js


Merge pull request #27 from cbslocal/refactor-api-client Add a management command to update cached data


Add a management command to update cached data This management command can be used to update data received from the API. It calls the `_get_from_cache_or_remote()` method directly, passing it `True` for `ignore_cache`. It is important that this command is updated to reflect not only new API calls, but changes to the aforementioned method as well.


- Remove extra commas, defined some vars - **it is not cool to manipulate params, define new vars**!!


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into working_player


Merge pull request #26 from cbslocal/refactor-api-client Refactor api client


Add pretty URLs A station can now be loaded by going to `/player/[SLUG]/`. This will take priority over the `station_id` query var. When a valid station is requested, its ID is injected into the JavaScript and used before checking the query string. The handling of invalid stations will follow.


Remove unnecessary parameters to HttpResponse objects `HttpResponse` objects use 200 as the default `status_code`. Therefore there is no reason to manually set it as well. Also, `mimetype` is a legacy parameter; `content_type` is the proper one to use. Additionally I am renaming the response object to `response` from `req` (request?).


Remove manual calls to gzip middleware Since middlewares already process each request, there is no need to manually call it from views as well.


Update HTTP access to use Requests Requests is already included in the base Pip requirements file. Why anyone would then choose to use urllib instead is beyond me.


Merge branch 'master' of


Add ability to force API client to refetch data from the remote When the `ignore_cache` parameter is set to `True`, the cache check will be skipped and the data will be refetched from the API. Just as before, the result will be cached for an hour. Currently there is no protection against repeated calls when there is no response or result to cache. Since I was adding a new parameter to the `_get_from_cache_or_remote` method, I decided to rename `attr` to `action` as this seemed to fit with the API terminology a little better. I also elected to improve the method's docstring to better document the parameters.


Remove get_cached_data() With the introduction of the client API wrapper class, the `get_cached_data()` method is no longer needed. :fireworks:


Add station types to client API The `API.get_station_types()` method will fetch the list of station types from the API and cache the result for an hour. As of this change, `get_cached_data()` is no longer needed.


Add gallery to API client The `API.get_gallery()` method will fetch an individual gallery by ID from the API and cache the result for an hour.


Add galleries to API client The `API.get_galleries()` method will fetch the list of galleries from the API and cache the result for an hour.


Add _get_from_cache_or_remote method to client API It appears that there will be a lot of repetition in the methods contained in the client API wrapper class. The `get_from_cache_or_remote()` method can contain all of the smarts and allow each individual method just to wrap it.


Remove unnecessary guide HTML When the player page renders, HTML for the guide is rendered but is always replaced by the `get_guide_html` view. Also, since stations are no longer passed in through the context, they wouldn't print out anyway.


Add station to API client The `API.get_station()` method will fetch an individual station by ID or by slug (ID takes precedence) from the API and cache the result for an hour. As part of this change, the `get_station` view no longer includes the 'objects' key in its response (it probably shouldn't have anyway). The JavaScript needs all references to `objects` removed. Hopefully I got them all.


Add stations to API client The `API.get_stations()` method will fetch the list of stations from the API and cache the result for an hour.


Begin API client class This class is meant to wrap around an instance of `PlayerAPI` and will replace `get_cached_data()`.


Jul 30, 2012

Merge branch 'master' of


- FLProxy.js filename incorrect - changed to lower case


Merge branch 'master' of


Line endings! Windows needs to be shot in the face. Twice!


Merge branch 'master' of


More whitespace weirdness. Ran a DIFF, only change was in the credits


Update guide view for API structure change The market's ID is no longer included in the data returned from Wally. The value for city should be sufficiently unique to take its place here.


Merge branch 'working_player' of into working_player


Update guide view for API structure change The station data being returned from Wally now includes station type and format as just the name. Previously it had been returning all data associated with the data models associated with each.


- protect against non-existent nodes/data - new stw swf


Merge branch 'working_player' of into working_player Conflicts: dulcinea/static/js/player/playercontrols.js dulcinea/static/js/player/uicontroller.js


Merge branch 'master' of into working_player


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into working_player Conflicts: dulcinea/static/js/mediaplayer.js


Properly brought over the station logo linking after a hasty junk job before


Merge branch 'working_player' of into working_player


Bringing this branch up to speed with my old one. Guide formats. Clickable logo. IE z-index fixes for gallery pager


Jul 29, 2012

Jul 28, 2012

- more refactoring... - new STW streaming logic merges and working - tons of fixes and optimizations for the better!! Still to do: - hook-up cue points to JS and front end - moved instream ad request logic from swf to JS - need to hook it up - why isn't twitter working..i dunnoo - toggling button states and stream error handling - stuff needs to be realigned


Jul 27, 2012

Defined a bottom marging for .guide_loader in order to push guide tables out of the way when user selects them before guide fully loads


Jul 26, 2012

changes to enable user to click station logo and navigate to current stations site

e68cc81226a1f8e4fc10f9a90571a1d57b5b65e0 keeps coming up as modified and I swear I'm not touching it


this file keeps coming up as modified and I swear I'm not touching it


Merge pull request #24 from cbslocal/add-formats-to-guide Hide station grid's immediate children


Hide station grid's immediate children The change I made in 73d0613 introduced a change to the structure of the guide's HTML. This change was also reflected in the JavaScript. When pushing the code up to the preprod server I realized, however, that the JavaScript was up to date while the HTML was stuck behind the hour-long cache. This change targets the station grid's immediate children, rather than using a selector referencing a specific tag. This should allow the JavaScript to work with whichever version of the HTML is being returned.


Merge branch 'master' of Conflicts: dulcinea/player/ dulcinea/static/js/mediaplayer.js


Clean up README, part deux GitHub-flavored Markdown treats continuous code blocks as one, regardless of how much whitespace is placed in between. This change makes things look better visually when viewing on GitHub.


Clean up README The initial version (with content) of the README wasn't formatted so nicely for Markdown. Now it is. It is also a little more organized.


Merge pull request #23 from cbslocal/add-formats-to-guide Add formats to guide


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into add-formats-to-guide Conflicts: dulcinea/player/ dulcinea/static/js/mediaplayer.js


Merge branch 'master' of Conflicts: dulcinea/static/js/mediaplayer.js


This is an annoying commit I cannot pull changes from the remote or change branches locally because these two files have Windows line endings and my system keeps replacing them with proper line endings. This should be fun. WHEEEEE!!!!!!


Jul 25, 2012

Alphabetize formats and locations When displaying station groupings in the guide, it's much better if the groupings are listed alphabetically. To do this, stations are grouped using dictionaries. The dictionaries are then converted to lists. Finally the Django template tag `dictsort` is used to sort the groupings alphabetically for display.


Station info H tags reassigned to more befitting levels. CSS to match


Checking these files for bad characters when they were pulled down from master. Trying to push to my branch and now saying these were modified when they weren't even opened.


This is just a test for the line feed thing. Added a comment at end of file


Add formats and locations to station guide In order to better display our music stations, all stations are now grouped by format within type. With this change, each tab within the guide now contains one or more tables. To handle showing and hiding, each tab is now a div (containing the table(s)) instead of a table. The JavaScript had to be updated to accommodate this change. A list of stations by location is also being added to the guide. A location is defined as "City Name, State."


Comscore addition. Please check all but base.html. Wiped computer and GIT says these are modified for some reason. Should be whitespace


Fix indentation There was a tab. Bad tab!! (All other changes appear to be the result of Windows line endings creeping into the repository. Bad Windows settings!!)


Merge branch 'master' of


Update dulcinea/player/ - BAD MERGE!! Wtf is happening here.  


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into jirickImpossibleDream


Adding some console debug stuff for the video ad thingy


Jul 24, 2012