Julython 2012

Why are you people making up words?

We all have those Python projects...

You know, the ones that have been sitting on our hard drives collecting dust, with perhaps a few __init__.py files and maybe a TODO. But being busy people, we're content to just promise at some point we'll make time to work on it...

So make the time.

This year, during the months of January and July, we're encouraging developers of all skill levels to try and work on your pet project(s) just a little each day. It's a great excuse to contribute to the communities you follow, or even dive into the language for the first time!

I'm interested. How do I make this happen?

It's totally up to you.

What you do during Julython is ultimately up to you. Been hankerin' to play with ZeroMQ, NumPy or Riak? Now's your chance. Have a Django or Tornado web app you've always wanted to build? Go hog wild.

However, it's good to share.

We recommend you work on something open, perhaps on GitHub or Bitbucket, so that others can see your progress. Then add a webhook for your repository, and we'll track your progress next to everyone else!

What are the rules?

There are no rules!

Okay, just one rule, it has to be a Python project. Of course you can work on some javascript to make you web apps. But, the heart of the project should be Python. Of course we wont check every commit (or maybe none at all) so you could do anything you want.

Whats in it for me?

Fame and fortune! The goal is that you either learn something new or meet someone who is also interested in similar Python tools. If you share your repository or your commits with us, we will tally up points for each commit or new project you work on.

Can I work on an existing project?

Yes! But you will only get 'credit' for commits within the months of January or July. You should consider forking an existing project if you are not the owner and register that fork.

Joining Forces

Local is in

We encourage everyone to team up, our goal is to have meetups organically created in cites across the country. There should be participants meeting in a coffee shop or bar near you. We'll have a way to post a meeting and location and you can search for something close by.

Cities against cities

So you think your city has the most committed Python programmers? Be sure to sign up to have your commits go toward your home town. We will see which cities are the most committed.

Frameworks against Frameworks

Already work on some fancy web framework? Be sure to fork the project and add a webhook. At the end we will add up all the points and award them to the parent project, then we'll see how well each project ranks against others. A dance-off will decide the winners in the event of a tie.

You all did awesome! 16160 commits!

High Scores


kecebongsoft kecebongsoft

Arbitrary minded teenager, polyglot tweets, friends with python, rxvt, tmux, and vim.

Samarinda, Indonesia

530 points in 3 projects

Donald Stufft Donald Stufft

Philadelphia, PA


502 points in 12 projects

Andy Dirnberger Andy Dirnberger

Lead Developer, CBS Local


432 points in 14 projects

Tobias Bieniek Tobias Bieniek

Aachen, Germany


430 points in 1 project

James Tauber James Tauber

Founder of Eldarion, Python developer, Christian, Linguist, Filmmaker, Composer, Geek (originally from Perth, Australia)

Boston, MA, USA


392 points in 20 projects

Alex Clark Alex Clark

Python web programmer

Bethesda, MD, USA

383 points in 2 projects

oubiwann oubiwann

Atlanta, GA


363 points in 14 projects

Doug Hellmann Doug Hellmann

Developer, editor, and author.

Atlanta, GA


340 points in 18 projects

Grabiel GG Grabiel GG

com sono

Mansão Foster


329 points in 6 projects

Patrick Altman Patrick Altman

VP of Engineering at Eldarion, Pinax Core Developer, Technologist, Author, Husband, Father, Christian

Nashville, TN


275 points in 18 projects


atlanta ga

1625 points in 76 projects

philadelphia pa

1342 points in 60 projects

boston ma usa

1240 points in 64 projects

austin tx

891 points in 35 projects

mansao foster

708 points in 27 projects

samarinda indonesia

530 points in 3 projects

istanbul turkey

490 points in 20 projects

nashville tn

475 points in 32 projects


447 points in 15 projects


442 points in 15 projects

aachen germany

434 points in 1 project

pittsburgh pa usa

417 points in 7 projects

bethesda md usa

383 points in 2 projects

new york ny

309 points in 14 projects

leipzig germany

302 points in 10 projects



1491 points in 56 projects


863 points in 38 projects


430 points in 1 project


408 points in 14 projects


399 points in 12 projects


205 points in 9 projects

utah python users group

196 points in 10 projects


183 points in 7 projects

army of one

172 points in 3 projects

trinbago massive

167 points in 10 projects

python kc

152 points in 8 projects

duo interactive

150 points in 8 projects


76 points in 5 projects


61 points in 2 projects

philadelphia pa

44 points in 3 projects



(659 points)

Live tracking, flight track database and competition framework



(439 points)

A clandestine operation to make AMO happy



(382 points)

Source code for UB Game Competition



(356 points)

The SimpleSeer Automatic Inspection Appliance



(275 points)

The CBS Local streaming player



(253 points)

scikit-learn main repo



(249 points)

GeoNode is an open source platform that facilitates the creation, sharing, and collaborative use of geospatial data.



(242 points)

Documentation for pythonpackages.com



(231 points)

Gittip is a personal funding platform.



(215 points)

Django-app para acompanhar o andamento de integrações do grupo GMAO-INPE. Não será útil pra mais ninguém...


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